Harry "In Town on Vacation" Mason (victorisham) wrote,
Harry "In Town on Vacation" Mason

sleep raperrrr

<@Croix> Well, two hot guys, lots of hate, you do the math.
<@Vic> two hots guys + hate + fandom = 8)
<@Croix> Bonus points for one of them being a narcoleptic.
<@Vic> ... are you implying that break is a sleepraper
<@Croix> No, Vincent.
<@Vic> ...
<@Vic> vincent is a sleepraper...
<@Finland> ...
<@Finland> he is 8(
<@Croix> ...
* Croix slinks away, what the hell did I just say?
<@Vic> He's sleep raping Break
<@Vic> and someone sees
<@Vic> and they're like "DUDE, should I wake him up?"
<@Vic> and another guy is like "Dude no, you're not supposed to wake up sleep rapers!"
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