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Harry "In Town on Vacation" Mason
01 September 2011 @ 05:42 pm
Under the cut :BCollapse )
Harry "In Town on Vacation" Mason
04 August 2011 @ 10:25 pm

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player status

Player: Vic
Joined: August 04, 2011
Card Count: 90
Level: Track One

trading buddies + mastered

Guns & Roses 06/20

03 pending
Meikoku Rensa 00/20

high priority

low priority

collecting ♪ not trading!
high priority ♪ not trading!
low priority decks ♪ may trade for collecting decks
keeping decks ♪ what it says :V not necessarily collecting, but keeping for pretty! may trade for collecting decks
trading decks ♪ trading for any future/collecting decks! if there's nothing you see that I want, link your trade pile and I might be able to pick something out
stars/tickets/etc ♪ Will trade stars/tickets for collecting decks!
held cards ♪ not trading! I'll hold cards for as long as needed for whoever

held/pending 4 stars/tickets/etc 3

holding for Gunsandroses03 with staticphrase
holding for Tiv
x04 x03 x00

monthly log
August 05
 Won Gunsandroses10, Gunsandroses11, Gunsandroses14, Kowasu08, Pokemonbw03, Secretbase16, Exdream10, Mikishinichiro19, and Mezase09 from joining up
 Claimed Kowasu01, Gunsandroses01, Meganekko01, and Trustme01 from the August release
 Won Biggest18 and Miyanomamoru08 from commenting back to join comment
 Traded backstage passes with Gil ( barnaby ) (01)
 Won Oneesan17 from Prejoin Day 02
 Won Dreamwing11, Romanesque17, Trustyou03, and a star from Prejoin Day 04
 Won Hologram10 from Prejoin Day 03
 Claimed Cloudage20 from the August release
 Traded Cloudage20 for Gunsandroses16 with flag (02)
August 06
 Traded backstage passes with Aru ( arushiraoi ) (03)
 Won Mezase06 and Butterfly14 from Prejoin Day 06
 Claimed Connect18 from the August release
 Traded backstage passes with Kat ( spiffytuna ) (04)
 Won Readysteadygo18 from Prejoin Day 03
 Claimed Renaicirculation08 from the August release
 Traded backstage passes with Rizu ( pyol ) (05)
August 07
 Won Dontsaylazy16, Hakanaku03, Perfectarea10, Readysteadygo03, Kamiyahiroshi17 and a star from Prejoin Day 05
 Traded Connect18 for Gunsandroses19 with barnaby (06)
 Traded my backstage pass and Kamiyahiroshi17 for backstage pass and Kowasu15 with oriharas (08)
 Won Again20, Alright08, Crossover13, and Gohome01 from Prejoin Day 08
August 08
 Claimed Sugitakisetsuwo04 and Tank03 from August Release
 Won Dango17 from Prejoin Day 03
 Won Cloudage16, Trustyou12, Secretbase12 and a ticket from donating a deck
 Traded backstage passes with meloncheck (09)
 Traded backstage passes with barnaby (10)
 Traded Sugitakisetsuwo04 for Kowasu04 with barnaby (11)
August 09
 Won Shiori06 and Hakanaku12 from Prejoin Day 09
 Traded Cloudage16 for Tank10 with baredick (12)
August 11
 Traded Perfectarea10 for Trustme20 with barnaby (13)
 Traded Tank03 for Trustme02 with meloncheck (14)
August 16
 Won Hologram07, Iruyo15, Kesenai06, Michishirube18, and a star from Prejoin Day 11
 Won Miyanomamoru05, Rewrite05, Ashlikesnow13 and Pre-parade12 from Prejoin Day 12
August 19
 Won Daianohana11 from Prejoin Day 03
 Won Rewrite20, Michishirube14, Biggest15, and a ticket from donating a regular deck
 Won Eternaldiva03, Shiori17, Rinburevolution13 and a ticket from donating a regular deck
 Traded Mikishinichiro19 for Trustme12 with gaddess (15)
August 26
 Traded Gohome01 and backstage pass for Meganekko06 and backstage pass with mongoosehwrs (17)
August 27
 Won Cloudage05 and Cagayake20 from Prejoin Day 03
 Traded AshLikeSnow13, Pre-Parade12 and my backstage pass for Trustme17, Trustme19 and backstage pass with perarduaadast (20)
September 1
 Won Biggest01 from Prejoin Day 13
 Traded Renaicirculation08 for Gunsandroses02 with pyol (20) (01)
September 7
 Won Tomare12, Pre-parade14, Operations15, and Namidanomukou14 from Broken Record 01
 Won Yellowmoon09, Mezase02, Readysteadygo20, Kamiyahiroshi04, Sharetheworld07, Majilove06, and Hoshinosumika20 from Karina's Music Match 01
 Won Butterfly19 and Goodtimes19 from Etude 01
Claimed Communication20, Jap12, Hananoiro02, Sharetheworld01, Meikokurensa02, Mindgame20, Poltergeist17, Iconclast05, and Sounddisc01 from Desk Release [September]
Traded Sharetheworld01 for Meikokurensa02 with baredickTraded</b> Mindgame20 for Poltergeist19 with barnaby (03)
Traded Communication20 for Meganekko11 with galearc (04)
Won Romanesque01, Kesenai12 and Tozasareta12 and a star from trading in a gradesheet
Won Lostboy18, Rewrite05, Orpheus05 and Getover13 from Deck Release [Septemer] referals
September 17
Traded Exdream10 for Kowasu05 with bringthefate (05)
Won Maniac11 from Higher or Lower round 02
Won Cloudage10 and Michishirube13 from Kiku's Memory Challenge 01
Won Getalong17, Majilove12, Meganekko18, and Colors12 from Koizumi and Otani's Karaoke Glitch 01
Won Ichirinnohana08, Communication02 and Hiyokunohane07 from Who Said That Line round 01
Won Harukakanata05, Miyanomamoru04, and Hologram17 from Ryuichi's Doodles 01
Won Sharetheworld09 from suggestion randomizer
Traded Hoshinosumika20 for Meikokurensa03 with barnaby (06)
Claimed Fukuyamajun01 from September Release
Traded Fukuyamajun01, Shiori06 and Shiori17 and my backstage pass for backstage pass, Poltergeist13, Poltergeist04 and Poltergeist16 with katou (10)
Won Crossover13, Hologram01 and Hallelujah12 from Oz's Odd One Out round 01
Won Oneesan06 and Skyclad09 from Higher or Lower round 01
September 24
Gifted hakanaku03+12, namidanomukou14 & rinburevolution13 eiryuu
Won Sharetheworld02, Kimi=hana02 and Kimi=hana03 from Oz's Odd One Out Round 02

codingreplica & colour schemeartes

Harry "In Town on Vacation" Mason
30 January 2011 @ 04:07 am
pandora hearts spoilersCollapse )
Harry "In Town on Vacation" Mason
24 January 2010 @ 06:54 pm

annnd lj survery memeCollapse )
Current Mood: sicksick
Harry "In Town on Vacation" Mason
08 October 2009 @ 09:13 pm
Stolen from meloncheck!

Pick a number between 1 and 206 and I'll give you a song~
Harry "In Town on Vacation" Mason
04 September 2009 @ 03:21 am
me being unfunnyCollapse )